Up until now we've only had the tantalising information that Eliza Shaddad's debut album Future is coming later this year; but we now know that we can expect the LP from the rising songwriter on October 26th on Beatnik Collective.

To pair with the announcement, Shaddad has also released a new track called 'This Is My Cue', which she tells us is "Literally what’s going around inside my brain in most relationships... This song is about freedom and anguish and trying to find the strength of mind to end things." It partners nicely with previous single 'My Body', which similarly took us deep into her indecision and turned it into a rapturous musical monument - something Shaddad seems to have natural acuity for.

'This Is My Cue' coasts atop spare blue-tinged guitars, allowing plenty of space for Eliza Shaddad's domineering voice to rise and crest, buoyed by the passion of her frustration as she determines to "leave today." The strain of this emotional intensity continues to manifest and grow throughout the song, as do the sonic elements, meaning that 'This Is My Cue' blossoms into a stark and stately rock song by its smouldering conclusion. Check it out below.

Eliza Shaddad's debut album Future comes out through Beatnik Collective on October 26th - check the label's Bandcamp for more info.