Website: 'Toast the Tiger' is the debut single from Nashville based band Eliza the Arrow. When you hail out of Tennessee, you must need to un-shackle yourselves from the Country and Western chains if you want to be listened to outside of the American Billboard. Thankfully, for everyone who doesn't think Garth Crooks is the seconding coming, Eliza the Arrow couldn't be further away from that barn dance. It's not often that the first listen of a track will make your hairs stand on end, but this does that to you. Think a Portishead, Sneaker Pimp collaboration and you wont be too far off the mark. The electro-orchestra sound with innocent vocal has been missing from music for some time, replaced instead in recent years by the worn out gravel voiced women with a guitar, which is nothing short of acoustic purgatory. This gives hope that we can move away from that formula now and concentrate on serious music making, music that takes more than a scuffed up teenage romance and knowing a few chords to create a number one. The grace and elegance of the single seems to filter through the band themselves. Looking at their website, you get the feeling that they have taken their time to ensure that the notoriety generated through the single isn't lost - the listener has their world to explore if they want to delve deeper into what the band are about - and it really works. It all screams, or rather whispers is a hushed tone - Class! Class which is certainly credible. This is a fantastic debut track, if it benchmarks Eliza and Arrows debut album then they’re going to have a big part to play in closing out this decade. Rating: 9/10