London based alt-pop artist Elizsabeth unveils her new visuals for the empowering self-love anthem ‘I Choose Myself’. The single has already been receiving applause for its positive, uplifting message and the young singer's impressive vocals. Now, with the release of the accompanying video, it’s set to make an even bigger impact. Reminding audiences of the importance of standing up for who you are, the singer shines bright, flaunting a heartfelt, emotional display.

The simplistic visuals show Elizsabeth at her most vulnerable self, with a melancholy tone and subtle instrumentation, she sets an intimate scene. Gradually as the song picks up, we see Elizsabeth smiling and celebrating, quite literally dancing to the beat of her own drum. The realisation of the power she possesses bursts out from within and the sassy songstress shows us that there is nothing that can bring her down.

Elizsabeth shares, “The more love I had for myself, the more I saw love around me. Listening, writing and singing music continues to help me heal these old wounds, giving me peace when I need it most. I want to share my journey using my own music to inspire others and be a reminder that when we look inwards we have everything we’ve been looking for.”

Known for her hypnotising vocals and sincere lyrics, Elizsabeth uses her music to preach the significance of valuing your true beliefs. In this age of social media pressures, which create impossible standards and expectations, Elizsabeth hopes that her songs will help eradicate these negative ideologies and emphasis the true meaning of self-awareness.

Continuing to drop more singles throughout the year, we can’t wait to see what else Elizsabeth has to offer. We can all learn a lesson or two from this inspiring musician.

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