If you are going to pull the plug on a band like Wu Lyf you had better have something to fall back on. Turns out, Ellery James Roberts really does, as he returns to the fold with the powerful 'Kerou's Lament'.

In fact, the only thing that he hasn't managed to replicate from the Wu Lyf project is the simplistic stadium filling guitars lines that Evans Kati brought to the table. Everything else is in place. As such, 'Kerou's Lamen' is five minutes of that familiar slow build. The kind of crescendo that grips your face before you've even realised what has happened. The withdrawn chorus only really hits on repeated listens, like his words, emerging by the third listen from his trademark growl.

Kerou's Lament culminates in a glorious mantra. One that is more direct and angered than anything Wu Lyf set to tape. To the powers of old, to the powers that be, you fucked up this world but you won't fuck with me.

Suddenly I'm filled with an optimism. It's an anthem for days worn down by news bulletins and office workers. It's one to scream from the steps of Liverpool Street Station at rush hour. It's the kind of triumphant resignation that can only result in an urge to be free. Oh god, it's happening again. Turn off your television. Turn the music up. I need to go away for a while. I can't keep competing when none of it matters.

Watch the video here.