Typifying Lexington, Kentucky producer Ellie Herring's music is a sort of trial in its own right. Over the last year, you could find Herring revealing seismic electronic gems via her SoundCloud, topped with last year's SINGLES collection. If any theme seemed apparent, it was her love for The Simpsons. But the music itself couldn't be grounded in any one niche.

Back again, this time with Tokyo label Trekkie Trax, Herring returns with her house-heavy 'Judge'. And just like much of her work on SINGLES, it comes with some Simpsons-inspired cover art and its own T-shirt.

"I've been resting for too long and it's great to feel active again," she said with Nest HQ, which debuted the track. "I've been working on a new record that was a bit less club friendly than this but I have 2 sides: the emotional side and the club side and I'm v happy to open up both over the next few months."

Listen to 'Judge' below and download the track for free via Trekkie Trax.