Ellie Herring has just shared her remix of 'Happened' by Chicago musicmaker Edamame, taken from his recently released album Periderm.

Whilst the original is a dark and flighty tract of uzi hi-hats and nebulous synth, energetic yet horizontally inclined at the same time, sometimes like watching underlit smoke writhe upwards in a pitch-black room in slow-motion, Herring takes 'Happened' and pockmarks it with pulsing sub bloops, keeping the veil of phantomatique synth poised over the new more body-moving beats and taking the vocal sample of the original and dicing it up into a yammering blanket of blippy ornamentation – perfect for the bouncy vibe at work in the remix. Intensity +1.

Feel free to purchase this remix, or the whole album, or any of the tracks from it, from Edamame's Bandcamp page.