Ellie Herring released the dark-'n'-jostling footwork-ish 'Maze' back in September, at which time we were also promised a companion single in the near future. Well, it's now appeared. It's called 'Why'd You' and it appears as second in the pair that comprises the Why'd You EP, which drops tomorrow (Friday 6th November).

Overdriven kicks soon explode in midst of a tract of shuffling hi-hats and other scintillating percussive morsels, punctuated in the middle with a set of soft, fuzzy synth chords, only to rollercoaster us back into voidsome pitch-blackness and beat-led energy of the track's main course - all of it decorated with occasional vocals that seem to ask nobody "why'd you...?"; the perfect companion to 'Maze', basically.

You can purchase Why'd You over on iTunes.