It doesn't matter where she goes - Central London to Hollywood - Ellie Rose is queen of her own world. She struts and dances through it, finding action everywhere she looks, with a soundtrack led by her own perfect pop voice.

The 21-year-old rising artist has delivered her new sultry and energizing new track 'Welcome To The Kingdom,' with inspiring visuals that see Ellie take her charismatic self from city to city in search of nothing but an adventure. And she finds it.

"On the flight over to LA I became travel sick and threw up next to a famous basketball player called Derrick Rose who plays for the New York Knicks," Ellie informs about the making of the video. "As he has the same surname as me I told him we are most probably related. He rubbed my back as we landed and I puked again into his JD Sports bag (which we didn’t realise had holes in and the contents leaked on to his shoes underneath. When we disembarked, he had fans waiting for him and he stopped for several selfies with my sick still on his shoes!"