Mac DeMarco compatriot Elliott Vincent Jones is flying under the radar at the moment, but he may not be for long. In addition to his thumping and somewhat eerie '80s synthpop, which evokes the best of the era's late night club hits, he has been opening shows for DeMarco since the middle of May. He also just released an EP, Arto Arto, which is packed with Balearic-infused grooves and punchy synths, culminating in a sound that is likely indebted to groups such as ABC and the Human League.

One of that record's stand out tracks, 'All Day', now has a music video which is exclusively premiering through The 405. Featuring a neon twinkle on the lead pad and a thick arpeggiating rhythm, the track sounds like it came from a long lost '80s group.

"All my songs are love songs, whether happy or sad," Jones said. "This one in particular is about obsession and heartbreak. The video we shot all in one night shows a boy walking around a city devastated by what just happened in his life, but we never find out. His friend tries to console and help him in his time of need."

When a fantastically hooky song couples with such striking and compelling nighttime adventure in the video, you may just have your latest nostalgia-drenched obsession.