We're unsure of what language it is, but we're assuming the definition of Elysse is "soul." With a voice like silk and a pen that has certainly laid the groundwork, Elysse has made quite the impression with the release of debut single 'Eve' - a fluid and surrealist composition featuring some co-production greats.

"'Eve' is my debut single as a solo artist," she said. "Writing 'Eve' was my way of sorting through what it means to me, as a woman, to be an object of desire – it's a personal reflection on the euphoria yet helpless frustration that arises when you're caught up in the vortex of something irresistible, but that you weren't initially looking for or asking for."

The track was co-produced with guitarist/producer Joe Harrison (Nick Hakim) and electronic artist/producer Rahm Silverglade (Kiah Victoria, Altopalo). Check it out in all its glory below.