Nick Woodmansey aka not-very-well-known London musicmaker Emanative has teamed up with Kieran Hebdan aka Four Tet for a cover of a song by jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and drummer Ed Blackwell; called 'Makondi' it appears on the latter pair's collaborative album El Corazón from 1982.

The original track never really "takes off" like this new cover does, with intense delay utilised towards the end of the track to make the mbira (more popularly known as a thumb piano) that Hebden is playing sound like a cosmic melodic rainstick. It's a very pretty reworking that drips with a tapestry of luscious percussive sounds brain-engaging polyrhythms.

This cover is taken from Emanative's album, The Light Years Of The Darkness – check it out on Bandcamp. It's all released officially on 2nd March, courtesy of the Steve Reid Foundation, an organisation that "aims to help people working in music who are in crisis, especially those suffering from illness."

Listen to both versions of 'Makondi' below, first new then original.