Beginning life as a VGM-inspired overture that sampled Dvořák's 9th ("New World") Symphony, this is the latest track from Tucson, Arizona-based musicmaker bansheebeat. It's called 'Shinsekai' (a Japanese word meaning "new world") and fittingly it contains within it an overarching joy of discovery as its base theme; drums skitter with anticipation and impatience, rollicking with driving toms and pulsing kicks, shining chords locking into the beat as virtuosic synth leads zip through your mind – all this excitement twinned with fragile, chiming parts that mourn softly for old days whilst ushering in the beauty of new beginnings.

In this track bansheebeat, who is also a drummer and pianist, combines symphonic storytelling with dynamic, videogame-flavoured electronica, seamlessly sewing together different sections in a deliciously modern take on classical tradition.

It's taken from the artist's second album, Lumine, out tomorrow on his label/collective Galaxy Swim Team.