Seattle rapper Michete has a new anthem for all the ladies out there who make instantly regrettable decisions. The track, 'Stupid Girl', appears on the trans artist’s latest album, Cool Tricks 3—her third record in three years. She’s become a cult favourite in the northwest, having collaborated with Shamir and opened for CupcakKe, just to name a few of her achievements. Watch the video for 'Stupid Girl', directed by Michete and Stephen Anunson, below.

Michete may always be hustling, but at least she made time for a saucy slumber party. Lounging in a monstrous sheet fort, she and her crew celebrate our hard-won freedom to make poor choices that your friends don’t support. There’s a pillow fight, board games, and pleading calls to boys that probably don’t even deserve the time of day. Next time you have the urge to call your own messy ex, recite Michete’s mantra: “I’m a stupid girl. I’m a dumb bitch!”

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