Anyone who has been to a good night out helmed by a world-class DJ has been in the middle of the dancefloor and had epiphanies, and that's exactly what happened to Waywell when he was watching Nina Kraviz spin in an underground car park in his native Manchester. It was at that point that he realised he needed to step out from the mid-level ambition of becoming a session musician and go whole-hog to release his own music. Thus we have Waywell and his sprawling, engrossing electronic soundscapes.

Having already released 'Floating' and 'Feather' last year, Waywell has come back with his most ambitious track yet in the 8-minute 'Tube'. An atmospheric and enshrouding piece, 'Tube' sprawls out of its clicking percussion into a web of blue-tinged synthesizers and echoing guitars drifting across his murky soundscape. The clarity of the percussive elements is sharpened against the amorphous hovering layers of delicate sound to create a swirling vortex of sound that engrossingly develops as the song weaves its way to its finale. At once like a gloomy Bonobo, a Floating Points on downers, and completely its own thing, 'Tube' is a mission statement from the young producer.

Listen to 'Tube' below.

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