Aaberg is the project of Brighton-born, London-based Hunter Mockett, who makes intimate folk songs of solitude and self reflection. He has an album called Albatross coming out on August 3rd; a collection of songs that were all written and recorded by Aaberg straight onto cassette. Today we bring you 'Mask', a captivating acoustic track reminiscent of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake.

Talking about 'Mask', Aaberg tells us: “I was feeling quite alienated and angry at myself when I recorded that. It was a way to move past some stuff that was happening, all of which is way, way in the past now. As for the video I was restless and would spend a lot of time walking around at night and early in the morning with my camera. It was filmed at the same time as when I recorded the song so it made sense to put them together."

The anger that he suggests is certainly not evident in the calm and quiet pre-dawn atmosphere of the track, but further investment in the words reveals a slow burning white self-criticism. This is tempered by Aaberg's soft playing and singing - not to mention the delightful bird chirping throughout - so that the passion in the song remains contained and observable, floating like a calm fireball at the core of the song. Check out 'Mask' and its video below.

Pre-order Aaberg's album Albatross from his Bandcamp, and keep up with more news from him by following his Facebook.