Pop band Emil & Friends have released a strong cover of the Body Language track 'You Can', which you can hear below. In addition to that, you can read a special introduction to the track from Emil himself.

"This original body language song is a sparkler, that is for sure. When I sit down and try to put a spin on a song that means a lot to me, it is either easy as pie or painstakingly difficult to accomplish. This one just bubbled up nice and quick. I wanted to take the song, slow it down, give it a hall and oates meets the xx meets junior boys meets bon iver meets aeroplane vibe. I listened to a lot of Kind of Blue- by miles davis, when mixing the track which got me in the mood to really remove all the arbitrary elements and stick with the low-fat simplistic approach. Simple defines sex in music, especially when you slow things down to bed-creaking tempos like this. Those who I define as sexy seem to bite their lower lip to this cover, which is all I wanted to accomplish. You Can, but you won't. Well I kind of just did, and I'll do it again. Props to the Body Language kids, get psyched for their new music."