Following on from her stunning video for 'Pstereo', Emilie Nicolas has shared with The 405 a live video for her track 'Let You Out'. In the same vein, the visuals here more than just hint at a similarly stunning live show; blue lights add electric watercolour to a darkened room, effusing a sombre atmosphere. But it's not just how it looks: it's how it sounds.

Emilie herself is pitch-perfect, crooning beautifully over a soft, thicketing soundscape that deserves the evident quiet of the crowd and the gentle spectacle of the lights onstage – the whole thing whisks you away like a cradling cloud, even watching from a tiny laptop screen, so just imagine the feeling of the actual live show… Can I say heavenly?

'Let You Out' is from Emilie Nicolas' debut album, Like I'm A Warrior, out 29th June.