I know we mentioned it already last week, but the Emile Rafael-directed video for 'Pstereo' by Emilie Nicolas is all kinds of beautiful. "The nature there is kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time," explains Emilie of her time in Scotland for the shoot - and that's certainly on display here. Check out the video below, along with a brief Q&A.

'Pstereo' is released on June 22nd via Sony/RCA, and is taken from her debut album Like I'm A Warrior, which is out a week later on June 29th.

What was the inspiration behind the video?
The director Emile Rafael's idea was something we really liked from the beginning. The dreamy and surreal feeling with the whales diving out of the mountains was something I really liked. Sometimes I can get scared by really beautiful things but I like the undertone of the lonely and surreal whales.

What was it like filming in Scotland?
Scotland was great! Cold and windy, but a perfect setting for the filming. The nature there is kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time. I really enjoyed being there and to meet and work with some great people.

What does the song mean to you?
Back in Norway, 'Pstereo' was my first single. It was originally a cover-song I made for a festival and it was not supposed to be anything other than promo for the festival. But suddenly it started to pick up airplay on radio and jumped to the top of the charts in Norway. Since it's not my song originally, and the original (Norwegian) lyrics are not mine (I wrote English lyrics that are heard on my version) it's actually hard to understand what DumDum Boys mean by the song, but I feel the video makes it complete in a way.