After a two year wait, Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo are back with their new album Dear River, set for release this summer. You don't have to wait to hear Dear River's excellent opening cut, 'Ghost Narrative'. Barker filmed a video for the track during rehearsals for her sold out performance at Union Chapel.

'Ghost Narrative' opens with strumming guitars and Barker playing a plaintive harmonica melody. Barker's voice sounds delicate and commanding as the music swells to the chorus, "we'll walk this land together/tearing our hearts out," and all I want to do is walk with her. It's a captivating cut that promises great things from Dear River.

The video is a simple black and white affair, creating an intimate mood as we get to peek in on the band running through the new song. Positioned in a circle facing each other, we are given a very personal perspective that pairs so well with the song. My favorite moment comes about two minutes in, when the song takes off on a musical fill. As the guitar solo starts to rip, the smile that appears on Barker's face is so intimate, showing us her love for her 'job'.

Dear River is set for release July 8 on Linn Records.

There are many opportunities to see Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo this summer. Three performances are confirmed, the first coming May 10th at Radio 2 Day. They will also be playing July 12th as part of the Two Thousand Trees Festival curated by Frank Turner, who they performed with at the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. July 26th finds them playing the Cambridge Folk Festival.