Almanac is Emily Barker's fifth alum in her musical career and the album itself is about renewal and hope whilst being surrounded by ominous darkness.

Almanac kicks off with 'Billowing Sea' tying in with the renewal theme, and is a nice jaunt to kick off the album. The sounds of Florence and the Machine and Laura Marling echo throughout the music but Emily Barker and her trio have a lonely, defining sound which set's them apart from similar artists. Together the four bring a fresh sound of country folk to 2011, which is much needed.

'Reckless' follows softly into the rest of the album. The vocals of the four ladies join into a gorgeous harmony of which the like only Warpaint can contest to. 'Ropes' has a jaunty introduction before the soothing vocals wash over you. Almanac also seems reminiscent of 1980's country music. The track picks up with its angry lyrics, almost attacking you in the chorus. 'Little Deaths' takes you into the middle of Almanac with its slow, soothing and crooning music. The music picks up and the catchy lyrics will hum within your mind for the rest of the day.

'Dances' and 'Pause' are both stand alone songs; preening themselves out of the album and showing off their wonderful chorus, and individual songs. 'Pause' in particular, is a spine tingling, epic of a song with Emily Barker's haunting vocals singing the goosebumps out of your skin.

'Openings' livens up the end of Almanac bringing it back around again to the earlier liveliness of the album. 'Calenders' is another exciting song, bringing the end to something you wish wouldn't finish. 'Light' ends Almanac on a high, a well deserved one, rounding off all the themes the album has.

This is an album that will stand the test of time. It's absolutely unique and a new sound for a new year. The cover art is also worth a look, it's just as beautiful as the music that is contained within it.