Emerging singer/songwriter Emily Burns has released ‘PDA’, the title track of the EP of the same name. It’s an honest story of frustration and regret over relationship choices, set against thumping drum beats and blinding synth notes. It skips between all-consuming pop to simple spoken word and clicks, in both cases Burns’ narratives are relatable, delivered in a cute, exposed style.

Speaking on this EP, her first in 2019, Emily states: "These four tracks feel like they sit so well together and really tell you a lot about me. I was super lucky to work with some of my closest friends on this EP and I think you’ll be able to hear in the music just how much fun we had making it!”

Burns has been slowly building her fanbase and connecting around the globe with her heart-on-the-sleeve style songwriting. With the likes of Clash, Spotify and Noisey all championing her, Emily Burns is clearly a name you’ll be hearing more of in 2019.

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