Metric front-queen, Emily Haines is slated to drop her new solo endeavor, Choir of the Mind next month. And as part of the anticipated roll-out, she's shared her new video for latest song 'Statuette.'

"We replicated a sleazy audition taping where the objectified woman’s value is reduced to the commercial desirability of her flesh. In the video, I get to reclaim myself and own it in the end," she told Stereogum.

"It was one of the weirder shoots I’ve done, acting out that humiliation, conforming to the lowered standards of all the other girls who so desperately want the part. I love the contrast between the summertime bossa nova beat and this generic, sad setting. There’s a strong connection between the visual mood and the lyrics. ‘With all the coal in core, all the water and the oil, you can buy any girl in the world. With the soil that you borrow and the moral you deny, you can buy the eyes of the world.'"