When Machine Gun Kelly released 'Rap Devil', I was actually concerned about whatever Eminem's response might be.

Not that Marshall Mathers taking a loss in a rap battle with this guy was ever a possibility.

It just seemed needless. Since his debut in 2012, what has Machine Gun Kelly accomplished? He hasn’t managed to outsell even the most moderate of competitors, nor has he released an (even moderately) acclaimed record. I do recall giving Black Flag a go, only to find myself laughing at the absurdity of it all. (As well as feeling a tad mortified for Pusha T. Sure hope he got paid.)

Eminem engaging in a war with him just sounded embarrassing. Whatever he claims the reason for his Kamikaze barbs were, it’s not surprising Em took issue with Kelly creeping on his (at the time) underage daughter all over social media. (Honestly, do y’all dislike Mathers so strongly you’re letting encouraging pedophilia slide? Why isn’t this a real part of the conversation?)

Still, stooping for a thousand angry bars a minute aimed at such a diminutive figure could, in my mind, only be a losing game for Eminem.

Showing more of the (already misdiagnosed by many) surprisingly self-aware and plugged in energy displayed on Kamikaze, Mr. Mathers has both sidestepped an extended battle and demolished his foe: in short, he went dismissive.

Eminem doesn't sound like he's breaking a sweat as he confidently shrugs of Kelly's existence - all while essentially eviscerating him. As much as detractors don't want to admit it, there's clearly more than enough gas left in the tank. 'Killshot' is only more proof of it.