Rap's man of many talents Eminem has caved in to the pressures of online marketing and the beauty of viral videos and decided to launch his own film company 'Shady Films'.

Announcing the company's partnership with YouTube channel LOUD yesterday, Shady Films will produce the second series of Mathers' detroit-based shoe shop show 'Burn Rubber' (previously called 'Detroit Rubber'.)

The company will also be the platform for Eliott Wilson's CRWN interview show, and promises that new shows are "in development". Given that LOUD is based on the internet, these will most likely be web-only features, but who knows - maybe we'll be seeing some Shady Films productions in the cinema over the next few years.

Eminem's 11th full-length release The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is to be released on November the 5th. In other Marshall Mathers-related gossip, did you know his childhood home is up for grabs?