It's been a whirlwind year or so for young British songwriter Emma McGrath, who received the PRS For Music Foundation's Women Make Music Grant in 2017 and has been working towards her debut EP with producers including Grammy Award winning Jimmy Hogarth, Brit School alumni Jackson and Rhiannon Mair. The release of the single 'Love You Better' proved that she's been putting these advantages to good use, delivering a knock out pop single that springboarded her to a new platform of success. Today she follows it up with 'Butterfly', a song that shows a fiercer and scrappier side of her personality.

In 'Butterfly' we hear the same determination as in 'Love You Better', but applied to a more trying subject matter, that of people not accepting change - especially within their close friends. Over marching drums and stadium-sized guitar strums, we can hear McGrath purposefully pulling away from the people that have become a drag on her life, pushing herself on to bigger and better things and showing apathy towards those who won't accept these moves. The muscular message is imbued by natural pop swagger and subtle production flourishes, making 'Butterfly' a ready-to-go live anthem.

Emma tells us this about the song:

"Butterfly' is about being a decent person, getting rid of the fake people in your life and doing what is morally right instead of following the crowd. It’s based on an experience I had when a new student joined our school and how I ended up at odds with my group of friends, over stupid things, about accepting the new person.

"The song is aimed at two sides. The verses + middle 8 to the group that didn't accept the new person and the chorus aimed at people in life who get let down by others due to lack of understanding of situation and letting them know that you'll stand by them even if it's slightly detrimental to your own situation."

Listen to 'Butterfly' below.

Emma McGrath's debut EP Silent Minds comes out on April 13th and can be pre-ordered here. Follow Emma on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.