Back in June, we were introduced to Empara Mi. Or rather, we were introduced to her voice (and what a voice it is). The beautiful 'Wanderlust' - with its multi-layered, soul-rich vocals - bowled us over and immediately had me wanting more. Now, she returns with an equally stunning release; a release that one may not have been expecting.

'The Come Down' is earmarked as "her first real stamp of musical intention as an artist" according to a press release and if this is the case, then she's off to a flying start. Hard-hitting, forceful and emotive, 'The Come Down' is "an equally powerful cautionary message behind today's temptations to project fake personas for the sake of appearances, hiding behind a mask of falsities." Along with the track, we're also gifted with our first look at Empara Mi, via a new image courtesy of London-based photographer Eva Pentel. An accompanying visual is expected to be released shortly.