It's safe to say that Empara Mi is one of the most intriguing and exciting new prospects in popular music today. At this point, there's still so little that we actually know about her, but it's that mystery that keeps us coming back (and, of course, her music). Now, she's unveiling the official video (her first ever music video, to be exact) for 'The Come Down' and boy are you in for a treat.

The video makes use of Omote - an innovative, real-time, face-mapping technology that transforms Empara's face into gold, fire and ice. She even travelled all the way to Tokyo to work with the creators to help develop the final visual. For a debut video, this goes above and beyond what one would expect. In fact, this is probably the kind of visual one would expect from a pop star a least a few more years down the line.

In a press release, Empara said, "'The Comedown' is essentially about projecting fake personas, hiding behind a mask in an attempt to conceal the 'real you.' I wanted the visual to be, quite literally, an expression of this idea. It was a crazy and intense development process, and I'm very proud to be the one to showcase such amazing technology in a way it hasn't been seen before."