Queens, NY-based empathy-pop duo HOAX create music that’s self-described as “the beautiful sound of soundness.” The creative union of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar return with ‘Unamerican Dream’, their second single of the year. It follows the cozy indie-pop jam ‘Could’ that was released earlier this summer.

HOAX draws from personal experiences on ‘Unamerican Dream’, as both members are first-generation Americans by parents who migrated from India to the U.S seeking a better life. As one may have guessed, ‘Unamerican Dream’ is derived from the illusion known as the American Dream. Sequestered within an indie-pop realm and driven by groovy synths, vintage melodies, and impassioned vocals, ‘Unamerican Dream’ sparks deep emotions from both sonic and lyrical explorations.

Layered under the guitar-pop gem is a deeper tale, one surrounding the pursuit of something that’s just out of reach. In the land of hopes and dreams, it’s becoming more of a fairy tale to chase this idea that’s grew into a misconception for today’s youth. From long work long hours to juggling multiple jobs, the so-called American Dream trades ‘dream’ for ‘dread’ in our modern culture.

HOAX dives deeper behind the framework of ‘Unamerican Dream’ by sharing this:

“A stipulate of this so-called ‘American Dream’ that our parents sought after is the supposed eventuality of getting what you want if you simply work hard enough, but what lies in the sub-context is everything you must be willing to give up.

“Every hour at the office is an hour away from your family and loved ones; if you are working a tedious or mindless job that you are not passionate about for the sake of money, that is taking time away from finding fulfillment in something you might actually care for. The ‘American Dream’ sounds wholesome and inspiring, but with the current social and political climate of our country right now, it almost feels more like a cruel joke than the inspiring ideal it was initially created to be.”

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