Singer-songwriter and adventurous pop futurist C.R. Matheny, better known as Emperor X, is on the heels of his next studio LP release, The Orlando Sentinel.

The album, named for the daily newspaper of his native Florida, was given as a free gift for those who attended his May performance in the city of the same name. But for the rest, The Orlando Sentinel will be released self-released June 27th with an exclusive vinyl pressing courtesy of The Bomber Jacket. The album comes after Matheny, who spent countless tour dates coasting throughout Europe, became enamored with newer electronic elements. While the album figures to be mostly acoustic, as evident in the single 'H.M.S. Blank Mediterranean', there are newfound elements he brings in that touch on his newer ventures.

Although currently on tour in the U.S., Emperor X will be returning to Europe in July with dates in Portugal, France, and a series of special dates in Germany thanks to our dear friends at The Bomber Jacket.

Pre-orders of the LP are available at the Emperor X Bandcamp page, which also features the first released track from the album. Otherwise, get a listen to 'H.M.S. Blank Mediterranean' below.

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