Yeah, you read the title correctly. End of Road Festival have put out a statement rubbishing the claims that they rub shoulders with the celebrity loved religion, Scientology.

"There have been suggestions on forums that End of the Road Festival may have some connection to the Church of Scientology. This arose after the efestivals founder was sent an anonymous letter. It’s quite likely that the same person sent similar letters to the music and general press.

"Two of the directors are scientologists. The remaining directors and management are not.

"End of the Road has no connection with the Church of Scientology, financial or otherwise. None.

"In any case, philosophical inclinations are personal and have nothing to do with a music festival. Anyone who has been to an End of the Road Festival will already know that."

A slight connection, yes. Enough to start throwing your arms up in the air in rage? No. If anything this will serve as great promotion to the festival.

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