“How fucking dare you call during my quiet hour?!” is how Doug Stanhope answers the phone when I call for our interview. I am terrified. The famously foul-mouthed American comedian is on his tour bus, en route to another show as part of his lengthy UK tour this month, and I am interrupting.

Of course, he's joking. “Naw, I'm just being a dick.” Instantly, a switch flips, and I'm talking to the nicest guy on earth. In the brief time we get to talk, he's courteous and helpful, and even though our conversation is rife with connection problems, he happily carries on talking away. Because Doug is, as he puts it, in the middle of nowhere - “I can see windmills!” - the phone reception is terrible, and even then he's happy to repeat himself and talk with me. Even when the call actually cuts out completely, he's back on the phone within seconds, and I manage to talk about a couple of issues on his mind before the signal becomes so bad that we sadly have to cut our conversation short.

I asked Doug how the tour was going so far, and where he was currently enjoying his quiet hour which I had so rudely interrupted.

Doug: We're in the van on the way to Bradford. Where is Bradford?! I haven't been to most of these places before; I've never even heard of most of these places before. It tends to be the shittier the place, the more fun we have. Like, Wolverhampton, everyone warned us that it was gonna suck, and it was the best night of the tour so far without question. There are a couple of places where we had unrealistic expectations, a small town with an even smaller venue, but the people have been great. I prefer the smaller shows. In a perfect world, I'd have maybe 150 people in a low ceilinged, smoky room, that's how comedy works best, but financially it's not feasible. But we've been having a blast.

I mentioned to Doug something that I'd seen on his twitter feed that morning - @dougstanhope – regarding an article by Allison Pearson for The Telegraph. You can read the article here, so long as a) you promise to come back and finish reading my article, which is better, and b) you understand that any damages caused by any fits of rage which you may fly into are not our fault.

Doug: Oh, she's just horrific. Did you read that article? I can't believe people would even print that. It's like she was belittling a little kid having a temper tantrum, like they just wanted a toy. The guy's dying, and she's saying things like “Other people have this condition, Stephen Hawking comes to mind, and they've dealt with the hand they were given just fine!” Are you fucking kidding? I made a joke that I'd converted to Christianity, just so I could pray that she'd get an ovarian cyst, which she's decided means I wished her to get cancer. And she's took the fact that I referred to her as a cunt at one point and is trying to spin it into “misogyny”, when she just wrote a completely insulting, infuriating article. I love drawing attention to these guys, it's a subject that I feel very passionately about.

I wanted to ask Doug about how his particular brand of aggressive, but heavily socio-politically motivated comedy related to the world.

Doug: Angry comedy works better in angry times, and in angry places. I've been to places everything's pretty nice, and you're there screaming about how the fucking world sucks, and there's a dude in a Hawaiian shirt looking around, and thinking “Huh? Everything seems fine here!” England is fucking bleak. It works here. In fuckin', Sweden and stuff, everyone's pretty content with everything. And people there can die if they want to; unfortunately, that guy can't get there. I've played Sweden once, maybe twice. It's really nice, but I can't see myself making a habit of it.

Lastly, I wanted to see if I could coax any musical gems out of Doug. Sadly, the call quality deteriorated so much by this point that these were our last moments talking together.

Doug: I don't listen to music much on tour. I can't put my iPod on at a party and have more than three songs play before someone says “What the fuck is this?!” I've got everything from Neil Diamond to Warren Zevon to... yeah, fucking random stuff. Nothing new happening at the moment for me. I don't often listen to music. I like music as background: I have a shitload of Count Bassey and Duke Ellington. It's great as a background, it shouldn't interrupt conversation. It should accentuate what you're doing. It's on, and it accentuates the theme of the evening.

Before Turning The Gun On Himself by Doug Stanhope is out now. Click here for his latest tour dates.