Label: None Released Through: Fire One Records Release Date: 9th March 2009 Website: Lewis: Right then Mr Oliver, lets start this! Oliver: Okay! Lewis: Enjoy Destroy, there new single Holiday Lover. What did you think of said song? Oliver: I thought it was pretty good. I couldn’t quite put my finger on who they sounded like even though they don’t sound that original, in the same way that Foo Fighters operate; they are just a rock band, nothing else. It’s a simple as that; they are just a rock band really. There is no kind of sub-genres being thrown in it’s just straight up rock. Lewis: Yeah! Definitely. They have been described as ‘No band wagon jumping here, the band sound fresh, do their own thing and sound like they have been making music a lot together, more so than they actually have’ (K-ROCK/XFM) Oliver: Hhah, okay! Well, they sound tight and the production is really good. I read that comparisons to Biffy Clyro and the Foo Fighters which I can kind of see. And Biffy Clyro on the premise of their recent sound, the kind of stadium rock that they have been playing. Lewis: Yeah I can maybe understand where they are coming from. To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about them. Hhah Lewis: I didn’t do my research. Hhah Oliver: Did you like them? Lewis: Yeah, I thought that they were pretty good. It’s not really my kind of thing though so I’m nowhere near being blown away by them. I can certainly see why people could like them though. The drumming was cool, heavy and full on and they seem quite passionate and full on themselves which is nice to see. Oliver: Yeah it comes and goes quite quickly so it never really gets boring which is probably a good thing I think, there is not enough time for it to get boring even if you don’t like it. Lewis: There is enough in it, little interludes now and then, so that goes a way into keeping it lively and interesting to hear as opposed to just a drone. Oliver: Yeah. I think that they would be good live as well Lewis: I definitely agree. In fact I would like to see them live to see if they have more of an effect on me. I think that they might you know. (silence) Lewis: Well…. Struggling to find words to describe them further Hhah Oliver: Well, I think it is good that they are an English band. We don’t really get a lot of good sounding bands like them from England. Lewis: Although, may I add, they do sound a little American. Hahaha Lewis: Thus bringing us back to a previous conversational review of, ahh, who was it? Oliver: They were really bad, weren’t they? I think I have blocked them out Hahaha Lewis: The Irish ones, General Fiasco? But they weren’t bad, that Bolton guy Oliver: Hahhaha yeah, I can’t remember his name Lewis: Bolton is enough hahaha Oliver: Yeah, haha, okay then. What would you give that a rating of out of ten? Lewis: I would probably say about a six, six and a half, because I can definitely see its, I can’t remember the word, hmmm Oliver: Artistic merit? Lewis: …. Naahhhh Hhah Lewis: No, they are good. I can see its lure, its desirability. Oliver: Okay. Well I think it is a solid six because it’s a fairly solid song for the genre it is in, and that is about it, you’re not going to turn your radio off if you heard it but it’s a record that I’m probably not going to go out and buy. I think that the people who like this kind of music would love it and for that reason I think it is a six. Lewis: Yep. Go with that then. Oliver: Yeah, ok, cool. Lewis: Ace. Fin! Rating: 6/10