Recorded straight onto a Tascam 8-track, this is the scuzzy offering from newcomers American Wrestlers. It is soaked in DIY aesthetics, the distorted recording quality sounding warm, like something you might've recorded off the radio with a cassette years ago. I never did that. I am too young. The vocals, pop-laden and catchy, but garbled and squiffy, seem to come from a space in between dimensions.

The mire of guitars, muffled overdriven chords, is low and heavy compared to the sparkling melodies, skewed in the recording process, parts seemingly already decayed as if this recording had been around for decades, sitting in a strongbox at the bottom of some muddy river till Fat Possum Records sent in a scuba team to uncover this beautiful gem.

Oh, haha, and the song's called 'I Can Do No Wrong', by the way. Let's watch out for American Wrestlers in the future. You'll be able to get this on 7" via Fat Possum 26th January 2015 (UK), or 27th (USA). For now, download for whatever price you want over at American Wrestlers Bandcamp page.

Hmmm… If you like this, then you'll probably like 'Soaker' by Alex G, a lo-fi lovelorn ditty.