Here's a new one from Petite Noir. It's called 'MDR' and it's taken from Yannick Illunga's upcoming album La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful. A fun fact for you: if you didn't know, "MDR" stands for "mort de rire" which basically means "dying of laughter" and is the French equivalent of "lol". But maybe it stands for something else here.

You can listen to the romance and low-key, floating groove of 'MDR' with its tapestries of percussion below. Aside from the wonderfully gutsy vocals from Illunga, the refrain "You're the one that I want" sounds like (and has the same words as) a line from that Grease song.

Petite Noir will be releasing La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful on 11th September. Pre-order it from iTunes or Dom Mart.