Arriving as the very first release from new Jakarta Records "sub-label", Habibi Funk – "dedicated to releasing arabic music from the 1970s and 1980s" – this is 'Alech' by Tunisian band Dalton. There's an Arabic lilt within the staccato funk that shivers happily throughout this deliciously percussion-laden number, the nature of the warm, crackly vocals adding a vintage feel to the shuffling rhythms. What a gem.

Formed in 1968, Dalton originated in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, and comprised of five members: Faouzi Chekili (guitar, piano and vocals), Ridha Kouhen (bass guitar), Mustapha Rehouma (sax and percussion), Sadok Gharbi (trumpet and vocals) and Skaner Alim (drums and vocals). They got a regular gig at the Sahara Beach Resort in the early '70s, playing every night during tourist season for a couple years. This allowed them to gather money together, travel to Rome, and record 'Alech', their first and only 7" single.

Pre-order the glistening 'Alech' here.

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