Sadly it doesn't suprise me that 'the kids' are going mad for this band at the moment, see their 3 day sold out Astroia shows for evidence to this fact. Lowest common denominator bands have always been the bread and butter of 'the huddled masses' and they don't get any more huddled than gangs of hooded teenagers with acne ridden faces and dubious personal hygiene. Combining appalling Euro Trance with some by the numbers 'hardcore' isn't hard and it certainly isn't new. See the infinitely more appealing, although sadly now defunct, Cutting Pink With Knives who welded 250bpm drumming and beepy boopy backing music to grindcore beats and screams. See also Horse the Band who are like a grown up version of Enter Shakiri. Some people say "the kids are alright" but I would have to say "the kids are idiots who will jump on the back of anything which is deemed 'cool', especially if it annoys your parents". I should know I used to be like that myself. We can only hope that this is a passing phase and that they will use this as a gateway to other better bands of this ilk.