Epic Asia Launch Celebration
Get your fists on tickets at the official Facebook Page
As big fans of the martial arts genre (and really, who isn't...there's something in there for everyone right?) we're pretty excited to hear that Metrodome Distribution has just proudly announced the launch of their new label Epic Asia which will be accompanied by the release of Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen on the 3rd December. To celebrate the launch, Epic Asia are giving away free tickets to see Legend Of The Fist as part of their new regular Epic Asia Film Club There are 50 tickets on Monday 6th December and 50 tickets on Tuesday 7th December up for grabs to see Legend Of The Fist at a Central London venue.

Film fans can get their fists on tickets by signing up at the EPIC ASIA Facebook page here:

Legend Of The Fist stars Hong Kong martial artist Donnie Yen as Chen Zhen in the third big screen incarnation of the masked vigilante – a fearsome martial arts legend who has only over been played previously on the silver screen by Bruce Lee and Jet Li.