Saint Marilyn are a Brooklyn-based duo on the rise.

Incorporating hazy synths with skittered and asymmetrical drums - which sets the foundation for their comforting vocals - they first gained attention with their live shows following the release of their EP, Shoshone, in 2016.

Today, we're here with an exclusive remix premiere of their single, 'Frustrate Me'. The track is remixed and produced by Austin Conrad, who you may recognise as one-half of 'dark electronic' duo, ERAAS. And with Conrad's hands on the wheel, dark is definitely way things go.

The remix emphasises the beats by slowing them down, with the hazy synths adding a splash of colour. While the original track was not happy-go-lucky, this remix pulls the darkness from the sonic depths. So, pop on some headphones and prepare to get lost in Austin Conrad of ERAAS's remix of Saint Marilyn's 'Frustrate Me'.