Philadelphian rocker Eric Howl wowed us a few months back with his Bollywood-flecked rap-rock charmer 'You Already Know The Way To The Brahma's House'. He's now offering up a new cut to the sacrificial altar of the World Wide Web by the name of 'I'm Goin' Down'. It's a hearty dose of Americana, distinctly southern and country inspired, but it also harks back to the halcyon days of the '50s. It's the kind of song you'd get soundtracking a bunch of greasers in a malt joint. Or something. The point is, it's definitely from the US of A. With doo-wop backing vocals and interweaving harmonies, the vocals on offer are impressive – from Howl's Dylan-esque semi-growl to the slight chirrups in the background.

But the effort isn't entirely a Grease derivative. The lo-fi Delta bluesy six-stringing is bass heavy, clouded with whiskey and shambling chic. Howl turns traditional rock'n'roll into something more distinctly modern, with rock organs and wild slackercore melodies; time signatures aren't safe, and the breakdown is an acerbic waltz with the country-rock maxim "I'm goin' down to Georgia." This is another impressive track from an artist taking vintage American genres and rehousing them with contemporary and worldly hues. Listen below.