Some musicians have sound that is easy to pin down, able to be neatly compartmentalized and defined. Erin Rae is not one of those musicians. Hailing from Nashville but recording in Wisconsin, drawing from country but infusing with 60s psych, Rae is capable of drawing genres and ideas that are seemingly at odds with one another into something quite remarkable. Her 2015 debut, Soon Enough, gave a delightful preview of this ability, but her newest single, 'Like The First Time,' might be her finest work yet.

Recorded in a Franciscan monastery along the beautiful Fox River in Wisconsin, 'Like The First Time' brings together the psyche guitar soundscapes of the 60s, the emotionality of Nashville country and the heavenly vocals of Rae to create a song full of empowering themes.

“'Like The First Time' is about making the mistake of thinking I can control how someone else perceives me or how they feel about me," says Rae. "It's about the pit in your stomach feeling after you go against what you feel is right, to try to keep someone from being angry with you. How it's super sad to disregard how you feel to try to appease another person. I think that's why this ones more angsty sounding. Lots of pent up emotion in that.“

According to Rae, the raw power of the song resulted from some experimentation and in-studio decision-making that helped to expand the range of her creative output.

"This song was the most fun to record, and maybe the most tedious," explains Rae. "Jerry swapped with Dom and played drums, I played this old Kay electric guitar with some of that distortion stuff and Dom played bass. It was so fun to mess around with getting outside of our usual comfort zones. I'm pretty sure I'll only be able to play it with the two of them because the structure of it is near impossible to explain."

"I also was super self-conscious because I was 'singing loud' and, as you can tell, it just sounds normal," laughs Rae.

'Like The First Time' releases officially on June 9, but you can stream the track below. Rae will also be touring the UK throughout June, including a London show at The Green Note on Tuesday, June 20. You can view the rest of her tour dates below.

  • 14 June - Dorset Arms, East Grinstead
  • 15 June - The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
  • 16 June - Seven Artspace, Chapel Allerton
  • 17 June - Gordon Arms Ents Shed, Bedford
  • 18 June - Joy Festival, Tunbridge Wells
  • 20 June - Green Note, London
  • 21 June - The Canteen, Bristol
  • 22 June - Poppy and Pint, Nottingham
  • 23 June - Thimblemill Library, Smethwick/Birmingham
  • 24 June - The Forge at Anvil Arts, Basingstoke
  • 25 June - St. Mary's Hall, Whitstable
  • 27 June - The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
  • 28 June - The Depot, Edinburgh
  • 29 June - The Ex-Servicemens Club, Corby
  • 30 June - Maverick Festival, Marlingford