To say Erland Cooper has been on a roll would be an understatement. Loathe to settle down into a niche, ever since he seemingly left behind his indie rock origins, the Scottish musician has returned home, literally and figuratively.

Growing up in the isolated archipelago that are Orkney islands, Cooper was reared in a world view most can scarcely imagine. Orkney is beauty in itself, swept away in history and deep tradition. As Cooper began to seek inspiration in shades of ambient, the location spoke perfectly to the music he was finding himself within.

All this resulted in last year's Solan Goose, titled for avian life local to Orkney. Where that album, and its restless, Aphex Twin inspired companion piece, Nightflight, often found voice in the air, Cooper's followup looks to the oceans surrounding the islands.

Speaking on his approaching sophomore solo LP, Sule Skerry, Cooper explains, "It’s a record about the sea, our relationship with the outside world, forces outside of our control but it’s also about creating a nest within that, nurturing and protecting our own sea havens, those sheltered bays, those safe places. Always returning back in some form, as we step in and out daily."

We've been rather excited for this record at The 405 since this writer linked up with Cooper for a chat last year that teased many aspects of this very album, as he ventured into areas across Orkney to capture impulse responses: recordings of the reverberations of real spaces, or "sonic postcards" as he often calls them. From his town hall to a 5,000 year old Neolithic cairn, Sule Skerry couldn't be more Orkney. It will surely be a unique treasure to behold.

Listen to the first offering from the LP, "Haar", below, and take in its spellbinding video, shot around Stromness in Orkney in collaboration with visual artist Alex Kozobolis, and look out for Sule Skerry come May 17th, via Phases.