To be fair, maybe it's not the best place to be busking – it's pretty busy, maybe even too busy and noisy to even care that someone's busking, let alone stop and take note. But yes, Erykah Badu has been doing things again. Her choice to improvise around the sort-of-refrain, "need some money" with other lines like "haven't made a record in 3 or 4 years" and "I don't wanna get no real job, I wanna be out here," I mean, it makes her seem crazy more than anything else: someone picking people out from the crowd and singing at them. No wonder she made less than $4 (actually $3.60 — £2.25).

I once went to a wedding where they had this crooner walking around singing for most of the night, he was up in people's faces, standing behind them, freaking everyone out with EYE CONTACT. It's not a, uh, pleasurable experience. I wouldn't pay for it.

Remember Badly Drawn Boy did this like ages ago? I vaguely remember it from the chasms of my youth (shit, I googled it: 2003). Two secret cameras captured him busking outside Waterloo Station to create the music video one of his songs 'All Possibilities' – he only made £1.60.

What is the moral? Don't busk if you've already got stuff going on. People will just be confused. Watch the bemusement and the madness of Erykah's foray into busking below.