Late last June, British trio Esben And The Witch proudly announced they'd successfully raised "117 percent" of their aimed fundraising efforts via PledgeMusic for their next studio album, A New Nature. Alongside the announcement, the group brought out the aching eight minute crawl 'Blood Teachings', giving dedicated fans a taste of the LP a few months early.

The second single from the band's third LP, 'Dig Your Fingers In', doesn't have the overarching reach of 'Blood Teachings'. Rather, Esben And The Witch refine the dark track to a succinct four-and-a-half minutes, with Rachel Davies doing her best PJ Harvey impersonation. Famed producer/engineer Steve Albini took helm of the LP, who has a plethora of notable indie rock records to his credit, including Harvey's seminal sophomore LP Rid Of Me. The comparison is deftly apt on 'Dig Your Fingers In', with the band getting closer to that oh so difficult ragged, melted sound.

Stream 'Dig Your Fingers In' below and pre-order A New Nature today to receive an immediate copy of the aforementioned 'Blood Teachings'.