Following their album Wash the Sins Not Only the Face released in January 2013, the enigmatic Esben and the Witch have announced a subsequent EP consisting of a six-track remix.

Having significantly broadened their vocal and atmospheric dexterity since Violet Cries, their 2011 debut, the new EP adds a further level plane of dark charisma with the help of James Chapman, Klad Hest and David Andrew Sitek, to name a few among other talents. James Chapman aka Chaps reveals the 'When That Head Splits' into a luminescent explosion of euphonic melody stretched across a gently pulsating sphere, whereas experimental folk artist Woodpecker Wooliams breaks down the track so that the focus is mostly on the words albeit a few discomforting yet captive sounds in the background.

Listen below.

  • Playing live:
  • May 24th – Chorlton (Manchester), St Clement’s Church
  • August 16th – Beacons Festival, Yorkshire