Brutalist architecture is the first image to greet you in Jason Bemis Lawrence’s new video for 'How Fast Can You Pack?' which appears on Another Hotel Hallway, his debut album. The song features vocalist Heather Woods Broderick, who has also worked with Sharon Van Etten in the past. Lawrence considers this song the heart of the record, and the video, directed by cellist Christopher Hoffman and starring Marie Zoumanigui, is a worthy representation of it.

"I've been a fan of Chris' cello playing, songwriting, engineering, and sonic and visual aesthetic for many years, and I was so happy to have him play on the record. But it only takes a conversation or two with him to realize that also he has a deep passion for and knowledge of film and visual arts. … We worked extremely fast, driving into Atlantic City on a Saturday evening and leaving Sunday morning with all the filming finished. Marie Zoumanigui is extremely talented and was such a trooper through the all-night shoot, it was a delight to work with her and I love her performance. ‘How Fast Can You Pack?’ feels like the title track to the album because it contains the album title in the song. I think this will be the only video I make for the album because Chris' vision brought a new dimension not just to the song, but to the whole record.” – Jason Bemis Lawrence

As if the dark husks of Atlantic City, including shots of Trump Plaza and Casino, weren’t ominous enough, symbols of disintegration appear throughout the new clip. Hoffman curiously employs traits of a ghost story and aligns metonymies for an allegory within it: the woman in green is the oppressed working class, stalked by the ghost of aristocracy and when distracted by the media, her personal belongings (and more broadly, her sovereignty) are stolen. At the end, she does not give in. She, in Hoffman’s words, “casts the ghost spirit into the ocean, invoking a new age of social feminist rule over land and sea.” The revolution has begun.

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