On Saturday, Fire Records put out a special 12'' of ESG's early material for Record Store Day. However, the band wasn't pleased, and it had nothing to do with the release itself but its accompanying artwork.

In the image above you can play the "spot-the-difference" game with what is the classic ESG logo and what the label put out as the Moody EP cover. "It looks as if someone took the classic ESG artwork and puked it onto a canvas after being as sickened as I am about this release," ESG member Renee Scroggins says of the "insulting" artwork.

Even the band's fans seemed shocked, some of them questioning the EP's authenticity; the label, however, has held the rights to ESG's music since 2010, when it released the Dance To The Best Of ESG compilation (whose artwork Scroggins says is "respectful").

Fire Records' director James Nicholls defended the label, arguing that other reinterpretations of the original artwork (Fire Records doesn't own the rights to the original logo) had been well-received, and, that this was "a mistake I apologised about 999 times for." He also suggested that Scroggins' reaction had something to do with an issue which took place at a recent show: "I offered to do merch for her at the London show," Nicholls explains "and give her the entire proceeds to sales of this record on the night, and she took that as treading on her turf, which I totally understand now… and she has made that point very strongly indeed."