Gabrielle Smith and her Brooklyn-based band were under scrutiny for their band name Eskimeaux, as Polaris Prize-winning artist Tanya Tagaq pointed out that it is a derogatory term for Inuit people. After talking about changing it for a while, they've decided that they will now be known as Ó.

"The band name is the gateway to the project and I never set out to make it controversial, hurt people’s feelings, or bring up a kind of hardship I haven’t personally had to endure," Smith said. She is adopted and she shared that "the only information I have about my birth parents is that my birth father is [indigenous North American group] Tlingit and everywhere I looked for more information the word ‘eskimo’ was commonplace."

Tanya has also responded with a statement and said: "Our band has a project providing a soundtrack to the 1922 saga Nanook of the North. This project has significance became we have spent many years attempting to dissolve stereotypes surrounding Inuit culture, therefore humanizing a culture in the midst of socio-economic crisis due to post colonial fallout. The word Eskimo is a slur for many Inuit. The name being applied to a band by a non-Inuk person incensed me. I applied the same tactic that I have used a multitude of times with offending appropriators or groups (RIDM Festival, Ungava gin, Black Pussy), which was one of aggressive public scrutiny. This tactic is taken because often when I privately contact these groups they dismiss me completely until there is a public outcry. Gabrielle has taught me that people can be open and respectful when mistakes are made. I am very pleased with this outcome of the band name change and our impending friendship. Pleasant surprises."