Now here's a sound to get lost in if ever there was one. Everything about 'Ocarina' by Essáy is glowing with miraculous energy; I've heard it cures headaches, dissolves lower back pain, is a good substitute for sugar, contains vitamin D, and is generally a cure-all for whatever ails thee.

Fizzing percussion, booming kicks and organ-massaging sub-bass punctuate a progressive soundscape heavy with the cool teal flavour of blissful shores, salty-sweet breezes and the sheafing ruffle of palm trees. For such gentle chords, there is within them a massive, subconscious burst of expansive stillness within movement, space within the solid, silence within sound. Nothing short of beautiful. 'Ocarina' is taken from the EP of the same name, out 1st July on always-winning NYC/London label Cascine.

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