Whether you regard it as the graceful return of much loved physical medium, or just another faddist example of hipster retromania, the cassette tape is currently enjoying something of a rebirth. In the war against digital, physical mediums are still losing the battle, but vinyl sales have risen remarkably since 2007 and now cassette tapes are markedly ubiquitous on the merch tables of upcoming bands as well as in the stores of many indie labels.

It's easy to sneer at the re-emergence of cassette tapes, I mean, who actually owns a tapes player these days? What next, MiniDisc Store Day? But, in defence of the cassette, it provides upcoming bands and labels the opportunity to accompany digital releases with a physical format, attractively and thoughtfully designed, at the fraction of the cost of vinyl and CD.

After a successful inaugural year in 2013, Cassette Store Day returns this weekend with an impressive list of over 100 releases. Unlike Record Store Day, the major labels are thankfully not involved (sorry 1D fans), and the list is a proper treasure-trove of potentially undiscovered new music. There are some significant names involved: Courtney Barnett's A Sea of Split Peas via Kissability Records (co-organisers of the event), Peter Broderick's orchestral masterpiece Float gets a Bella Union re-release; Cloud Nothings, These New Puritans; Mutual Benefit's Love's Crushing Diamond will surely sound even lovelier with the added hiss of tape; the History of Apple Pie; and Fair Ohs' wonderful Everything is Dancing is released via CSD14's other major organiser Suplex Cassettes.

There are plenty of hidden gems to find in the full list of releases, here are five to keep an eye out for:

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Live In London (Sonic Cathedral)

Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete treated The Dalston Victoria to some ear-splitting, fuzz-loving, krautrock inspired psychedelic-rock earlier this year. This release features eight tracks taken from that very same sold-out show, including a raucous cover of Syd Barrett's 'Golden Hair'. Missed the show? Buy the tape!

Soft Walls - No Time (Faux Discx)

Dan Reeves never rests. Head of Faux Discx, member of Cold Pumas and the solo artist behind Soft Walls, Reeves isn't just prolific, he paints with a rich and diverse palette of colours creating a thickly textured sound of reminiscence. No Time is a lo-fi journey through psych-folk, krautrock and garage-rock where the demons of anxiety peer through the cracks in the walls.

Viscous Liquid - Songs for Jealous Lovers (One Note Forever)

A solitary cosmonaut getting spacey to make music to space out to, Viscous Liquid create sepia tinged dream-pop with plenty of trippy nostalgia by the way of slathering confident vocal melodies with bold, distorted guitar sounds. Songs for Jealous Lovers plunges feet-first into a glassy ocean of shoegaze sounds and '60s surf-pop swells.

Mt. Judge - Time's Machines (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)

Comprised of field recordings, ambient synths drones and - presumably - a whole heap of hash, listening to Mt Judge's Time's Machines feels like elegantly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, burying yourself in the sand of the seabed, and watching an unknown world unravel before your eyes. Beautiful, meditative and utterly engrossing.

Play Tonto - Maybe We Won't (The Horse We Want To Hang)

Inspired VHS horror B-movies from the '80s, cassette tapes are the perfect format for Play Tonto's acid-synth instrumentals; warped sounds festering in warped minds. Inspired by hypnosis and the occult, Maybe We Won't is music to soundtrack neon-splashed nightmares.