To celebrate the release of his latest EP, Emnity, Esser has put together a pretty cool mixtape celebrating the music he's currently diggin'.

You can listen to the mixtape below the video for the EPs title-track, but before we leave you to get lost in his musical world, just a friendly reminder to get your asses down to the Shacklewell Arms in London on June 7th for the EP launch party.

Esser: Transmissions from Silver Rooms Mixtape part 1

This is just a snipet of the music im into at the moment, songs that are influencing and shaping the music I'm making. Music that I've travelled too, danced too. They're songs I'd play at my imaginary club night somewhere in a silver room. Esser


Edie Sedgwick Discusses Dream Time: I tried to visit Max's Kansas City on my warholian quest, but sadly it's now a CVS pharmacy.

'Lions' - Tones on Tail: They have a more popular song called Go, I think. This was the b-side and I prefer it, it's got an great almost ska-ish feel to it, which I love.

'Machine Is Bored With Love' - Add N to X: I've been watching a lot of their live shows (on youtube!) recently, which are amazing. I'm trying to channel some of that energy into my live show...we'll see!

'Junkins' - John Carpenter: This from the film Christine. I've never seen it though, probably should.

'Dum Dum Boys' - Iggy Pop: This is from my favorite Bowie time. I get the feeling that their relationship was weirdly competitive. Whenever you see pictures of Iggy and Bowie together it's like they're trying to out dress each other.

'Sonic Re-Entry' - Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan: Some of there music sounds like early acid house. Have a listen to the track 'Vibration'. It's pretty insane to think that this was happening in the 60s.

'Do the Mussolini' - Cabaret Voltaire: Theres a Dada connection here -relating to my video and this is also my favorite Cabaret Voltaire song.

Beat - Chris Carter: I love the drum machine sounds crunching on tape - it's lovely.

'Ronald Marquisee B6' - Electro Pulse no.6: This is some electronic library music made in the 70s and I have too much of this kind of music to be honest. It's great though.

'Caramel' - Cluster: I recommend traveling to this, maybe looking out the window of a train.

'Pipounes Dance' - Serge Bulot: It's kind of jaunty and colourful but ultimately creepy at its core.

'Part 1 (Lucifer Rising)' - Bobby Beausoleil: He made this from prison after his parts in the manson killings. Lucifer Rising is an amazing film and I love Kenneth Anger.

'I Surrender' - Suicide: We now share the same soundman. Amazing